Speciality Electrical System Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a lightning protection and earthing design for my site or building?

Noremak can provide advice and information on lightning and earthing protection for your infrastructure projects. During design phase or experts can work closely with engineers, consultants and architects to make sure all facets of your project are covered and protected to AS/NZS 1768

Where are Noremak Industries Products Available?

Noremak distributes products via the Electrical Wholesale industry. Please contact your local electrical wholesaler for purchasing our products or feel free to contact us directly and we can suggest a reseller near you

How do I work out the best catenary system for my application?

There is a wide range of cable catenary systems available from simple wire rope and trolley systems to girder and square bar systems. Contact Noremak and we can assist and provide the right information for you application such as speeds, environment, weights and frequency of use.