Speciality Electrical System Supplies

Installation Equipment

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Cable Grips

Steel And Nylon Cable Grips (Socks) 

 Cable Grips (Socks)

Lugs And Links

Including Bell Mouth and Specialty Lugs, Circuit Breaker Lugs 

 Copper Lug Series Catalogue 

Terminal Series Catalogue

Pin And Spade Terminals Ring Terminals 

 Insulated Pin And Fork Terminals And Ring Termainals

Nylon Cable Glands

Standard And Solar Multi Hole Glands

 Nylon Cable Glands

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

 Coated And Uncoated Stainless Cable Ties

Standard Range 8.0mm Slotted Duct

 Slotted duct for switchboards

Service Connection Cover Installation Instructions

 ​   Cable Cover Service Connections SAPN Requirement