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General Catalogues

Noremak General Catalogue

Our catalogue has been broken into sections to enable it to be either downloaded or viewed on line. Each section represents an industry sector. Power Cables, Data Cables etc.

 Section A: Flexible Cables
 Section B: Fixed Wiring Cables
 Section C: Data Cables
 Section D: Plugs And Connectors
 Section E: Mobile Electrification
 Section F: Hardware
 Section G: Manufactured Products

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Flexible Conduits

Noremak now has a full range of flexible conduits including Nylon, Liquidtight, Vacuum Jacketed as well as stainless steel. 

  Nylon (NCS Range)

  Liquidtight (LTC Range)

  Vacuum Jacketed (SRC Range)


Cable Grips

Noremak cover the full range of cables socks and can manufacture custom units to suit just about any application. Cable socks are used in a wide variety of industry including plumbing, gas fitting, hose and pipe installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements

 Cable Grips Full Web.pdf


Conveyor Pull Wire Components

Along with the Kiepe conveyor pull wire switches we are also stockist for the complete range of hardware. Components including tension springs and turnbuckles as well as a full range of labels grips and return pulleys.

 Web Pull Wire Comp.pdf


Mobile Electrification

Cable Festoon Systems - General Purpose and Heavy Duty Festoon Systems

Noremak Cable And Hose Festoon: Noremak has a range of cable festoon systems to cover the widest ranges of applications and environments including explosion proof areas.The range covering simple wire rope and strainer wire systems to heavy duty 'C' and square bar systems. Typical uses include overhead cranes and monorails, moving machinery and tripper and conveyor systems

Please contact us for special purpose and explosion proof applications

 Cable Festoon Systems.pdf

Wire Rope Festoon Systems


Spring Cable Reels

1200 And 1400 Series Spring Reels

Industrial Spring Reels for general and heavy duty applications. Whie we have a general range, this series of reels can be customised for specialised applications. These reels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Reels are fitted with a ratchet mechanism for manual operation

 Cable Reels.pdf

EXEL Reels

An exceptionally heavy-duty spring cable reel. Galvanized finish for harsh environments. Available in a wide array of sizes for most any application. Power and control of mobile industrial machinery such as overhead bridge cranes, gantries, mobile tables, aerial ladders and lifts. With speeds up to 80 m/min (retrieve application) Indoor and outdoor use.

 Noremak EXEL Reeler Information.pdf


Conductor Bar

Activ-8 Plus Sliding Conductor Bar

For use on overhead cranes and monorails as well as moving machinery. This system can be curved for the use on multi-directional monorails. Available with a full range of accessories including pickup guides, switches for track changeovers and collectors.

  • Capacities from 60 Amp to 200 Amps
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia

 Activ-8 Plus Bar.pdf

8 Bar Sliding Conductor Bar

For the electrification of cranes, monorails, and automated storage and retrieval systems.

  • The worldwide standard for over 50 years.
  • Capacities from 40 Amps to 500 Amp.
  • Expansion sections, isolation sections, pickup guides, and many other accessories.

 8-Bar .pdf

Wampfler 811 Sliding Conductor Bar

High safety level with integrated finger protected insulation
Easy and exact mounting with multiple hanger clamps and connectors.
Unlimited amount of pole design for complex installations.
Easy installation in curves with bending option
Flexible power feed options

 Wampfler 0811 .pdf

Hevibar 3 Sliding Conductor Bar

For large process cranes and material handling equipment used in mills and other heavy industrial applications.

  • IP2 "finger safe" design
  • Complies with international standards: NFC 20.010 – NFC 63.010 – NFC 32.070 – VDE 0470 – BS 5490 – DIN 53438
  • Capacities from 630 Amp to 1250 Amp
  • 6m bar lengths

 Noremak Hevibar3.pdf


Caddy Australia Range Electrical Fasteners


Australian Electrical Fasners Range

 Caddy Fasteners Range.pdf

Caddy Speed Link

LD Universal Support Systems

 LD Universal Support Systems.pdf


If you are unable to find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact our office