Speciality Electrical System Supplies

About Noremak Industries

Noremak Industries are suppliers of quality Cables and Mobile Electrification Equipment. We specialise in Robotics and Automation cables and equipment. Another main part of our product range is Lightning And Earthing Protection Equipment, which is an integral part of protecting not only infrastructure but the cables which connect todays sensitive and electronic equipment and hardware.

Noremak was established more than 25 years ago recognising a need in quality robotic and automation equipment. The industry at the time seemed to be splattered with suppliers and manufacturers with a small range of each part of the industry especially servicing the auto manufacturing industry. Noremak amalgamated the sourcing of the products providing the customers with a single source location for all of their needs reducing the need to shop around to different suppliers to achieve their goals. From their Noremak has grown to a single source supplier for industries such as;

  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Civil
  • Manufacturing
  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

Noremak Sources equipment form only reputable brands and will not compromise on quality.

Noremak works with their customers from start to finish with their projects, constantly updating and informing information such as delivery schedules, manufacturing timelines and transport tracking for all orders regardless of value. An order $50.00 or $500,000.00 are equality important. With Order, manufacturing and transport IT infrastructure we can update customer form order placement to delivery.

Noremak can also provide design and advice on our full range of lightning and earthing equipment from the simplest earthing design to the lightning and earthing protection of a skyscraper. We have you covered from tip to tails